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Often referred to as “the best kept secret” among the PR and advertising community for entertainment marketing, Limelight Media is the key ingredient to linking celebrities to prominent and successful PR and advertising marketing campaigns. With a growing list of top companies on its roster, Limelight Media has worked on programs such as Hilary Swank with Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program; Brooke Shields with Tupperware’s “Chain of Confidence” initiative; and Tim Gunn’s “Addressing PsoriasisTM” campaign. Most recently, Limelight Media has been working on the “On Course with PhilTM” campaign with Phil Mickelson and “Act 2 Reduce FracturesTM” campaign with Blythe Danner.

At the core of Limelight Media is owner Wendy Dutwin bringing more than 13 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Dutwin’s celebrity marketing experience and personal connection to Hollywood allows her to have her fingers on the pulse of who’s working on what and who wants to be working on what in the entertainment industry. Always ahead of the curve, Dutwin’s unparalleled relationship with Hollywood provides her with the knowledge that would normally be unattainable for those not engaged in the industry.

The company began in 2004 when Dutwin decided to start a celebrity placement firm focused on helping companies elevate their programs combined with unparalleled personalized service lacking in the larger firms. Today, Limelight Media has an impressive list of large companies on its roster, however, Dutwin chooses to keep the firm small to maintain the personalized service that the company was built on. Limelight Media service separates itself from other firms since they are a one-stop shop that also handles tasks such as celebrity travel and legal review internally. Limelight Media also handles in-studio national bookings, SMTs, RMTs, ANRs, and product integration in film and television.

“While we pride ourselves on seamless execution in the negotiation and deal process, our insider knowledge is certainly an integral part of our business. This fundamental insight is imperative from the start of any celebrity campaign as it can eliminate unsuccessful negotiations before they start,” says Wendy Dutwin, President and Founder of Limelight Media. “I also find that the corporate world and the talent world don’t speak the same language. It’s my job to translate and build a bridge between these two worlds,” she added.

Limelight Media, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing firm. Wendy Dutwin is the owner and founder of Limelight Media. For more information on Limelight Media, or to learn about the company’s most recent campaigns, visit or call 818-501-4043.