Limelight Media is an all-inclusive, multi-service agency whose commitment does not end with celebrity procurement. Seamless and efficient execution of your campaign is extremely important to us. We are with you from beginning to end and consult with and guide you through everything in between. Offering individualized hands-on, highly personalized service, Limelight Media is 100 percent committed to your success.


“Ultimately, celebrity endorsement is always worth investing in if you have the right person.It’s an expensive but easy option for companies, but it should be treated like a marriage with added creature comforts that make the partnership invaluable.” – Dean Crutchfield, Advertising Age, 2010

While many celebrity marriages are short-lived, Limelight Media creates meaningful celebrity and corporate marriages that last! At Limelight Media we’re not interested in just finding “A” celebrity for your campaign, we are committed to finding the “right” celebrity to showcase your campaign in the right light while keeping within your ideal budget. With expertise in budgets of all sizes including many 7- figure and 8- figure campaigns, we are capable of handling and advising on a broad range of budgets.


Our deep and long-standing relationships with Hollywood’s top talent agencies ensures that our phone calls are always answered promptly. Not only do we have access to the top tier celebrities, we have the trust and respect of the professionals who deal with them.


Our Talent Procurement services include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and recommending celebrities to meet campaign needs
  • Securing and signing appropriate talent
  • Negotiating ins and outs of celebrity contracts with our legal counsel
  • Consulting on budget parameters for each campaign
  • Managing complex logistics such as scheduling, travel, hair, make-up and wardrobe
  • Serving as liaison between you, the celebrity and their team


“[Celebrity endorsement’s] inherent benefits are that it can be leveraged across multiple channel experiences (and potentially services), cuts through advertising clutter, creates a brand narrative and allows for channel-specific optimization. – Dean Crutchfield, Advertising Age, 2010

Limelight Media makes sure you get the most out of your celebrity campaigns. We work with networks, TV studios, production companies and film studios as well as talent and management agencies to identify key films, TV shows, concert tours, events, parties, and premieres to give your brand strategic product placement opportunities and multi- channel exposure.

With our ear to the ground and our close relationships with media insiders, we get late-breaking news of events and VIP opportunities that can translate into optimal exposure for your brand or product.

Party with Jay Z? Appearance by One Direction? If it’s the right fit, we will negotiate to create a photo opp for your brand.

Want product placement in movies and TV? We have knowledge of projects 12-24 months in advance. We can match the right project with your brand and negotiate individualized sponsorship opportunities.

Check out our video and see the brand integration Limelight Media created for Sebastian Shaper spray in the movie Burlesque, and an episode of the show Weeds.

Our Brand Integration services include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying product placement and integration in TV/film and tours
  • Identifying key properties 12-24 months in advance
  • Scheduling meetings for brands with agents, production companies, networks and studios for TV/film integration
  • Suggesting sponsorships, tours, events, and parties/premieres
  • Recommending tight turnaround VIP opportunities


Want even more reach for your campaign? We get your campaign seen and heard in millions of living rooms across the country through national placement on shows like Good Morning America, The Today Show and The View, to name only several. Limelight Media creates, organizes, oversees and executes Satellite Media Tours and national broadcast campaigns that maximize your brand’s exposure through media on a national level.

Our Media services include but are not limited to:

  • Executing Satellite Media Tours (SMTs), Radio Media Tours (RMTs), Audio News Releases (ANRs)
  • Securing national broadcast in-studio interviews
  • Coordinating all on site media activities with celebrity